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Accepting New Clients

Tiffany has been an esthetician for 21 years since graduating from Catherine Hinds Institute. Some in her family suffered with acne and so she wanted to make a difference in skin care: she knows the impact your face makes on the way to you see the world. She has studied massage techniques, cranial anatomy and physiology, lymphatic drainage, as well as aromatherapy. She is fascinated by essential oils and incorporates them to assist in client relaxation whenever possible. She enjoys treating and achieving skin health. As a consultant for JAFRA skincare, she can recommend a regimen customized for healthy body and face maintenance. It's been said she 'does the best brows in the business.' 


She has spent years doing volunteer work on several continents with personal and professional mentoring. She’s a fun conversationalist and thoroughly enjoys others’ interests. In her own time, she enjoys gardening, kayaking, reading and being hospitable and making people feel heard. 


Tiffany is vivacious and enthusiastic, and her friends would describe her as kind and genuinely interested in others. She does her best to assist clients and coworkers with what they personally need. She's concerned about the comfort and experience of everyone who enters New Outlooks' doors!

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