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     Jeannine is a Massage Therapist specializing in energy work and is Reiki Master Certified. She also holds advanced certifications in Lymphatic Drainage and Lypossage techniques. She graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA in 2010 where she learned Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, and targeted techniques as well as seated massage and prenatal massage.
     She believes that overall well-being can be improved by healing touch through addressing aching and sore muscles and joints in a technical sense and also the incorporation of Universal Life Force Energy for the best and highest purposes of the individual.
     Jeannine understands the relationship between life stress, PTSD, and chronic fatigue and its specific relation to the ailments that can manifest themselves in the physical body and she strives to bring a person back to a state of homeostasis in mind, body and spirit. Both personally and professionally she often uses crystals as a way to enhance her intentions and environment and one of the things she enjoys doing very much is massage with Himalayan hot stones. She believes that any opportunity to infuse as many elements of nature into her environment and treatments further assists in the overall intended outcome. She looks forward to working with you towards your specific areas of concern for body and soul!
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